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“White Studio” was founded by two friends – ceramic artist Nato Eristavi and designer Nino Kambarashvili, back in 2013 with a determination to restore the lost tradition of porcelain/ceramics making in Georgia and revive it with a new contemporary edge.

The partners spent many years refining the now famous Georgian porcelain after the discovery of Georgian white clay. Based on the ethos of sustainability and quality the business has grown into the most prominent porcelain/ceramics producer in the country, with several production facilities, employing the largest portion of artists in the industry and developing educational programs for new artisans coming into the industry. The business offers two retail locations. One showroom/shop for ceramics and textile, where the public can see and purchase the ceramics is located on Pertiashvili street.  Second one is a magnificent gallery/workshop located in Rustaveli theatre in the early 20th century Georgian cultural heritage center “Kimerioni’s” space.  The business prides itself on being the first studio to develop and produce the acclaimed Georgian porcelain, winning awards and commissions international for their design, artistry and innovative products.