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Nato Eristavi

Graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Georgia / Diploma: MFA

Invited Professor at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.

Co-Founder of Georgian Ceramic Art and Craft Foundation “The Clay Office”

Founder of the first Ceramic Centre and Gallery in Georgia – “Workshop”

Co-Founder of Georgian Porcelain  Studio “White Studio”

Curator of three International Ceramic Festivals and Symposiums in Telavi, Gudauri, Omalo (Georgia)

Seven Solo exhibitions in Georgia, USA, Azerbaijan

Participation of the International Ceramic Exhibitions, Symposiums, and Conferences in USA, Japan, Korea, China, Denmark, France, Sweden, Latvia, Egypt, Tunisia etc.

Clay is a live substance – it breathes, feels and sometimes follows your lead or gets mad at you.

Nino Kambarashvili

Tbilisi State Academy of Arts – theatre and decoration

Interior and Product Designer

Architectural Award in Best Public Interior

Milan Design Week – Ventura Lamb rate

London Design Week – 100% Design


Ceramic objects give interior design finishing touches, often bringing the space to perfection.


Merab Gugunashvili

Ceramic requires multidimensional thinking and imagination, only after that comes refined tech-nique. As a result of these features we come across objects that stay in our heart.


Nana Uertashvili

The mood of the artist is crucial during the work. The attitude as the person’s subconscious gets reflected on the character of the object, its color and its story.


Natalia Koiava

Working is a private process for me, I have to be alone with the object. The form always dictates the drawing.


Nana Mangoshvili

I am growing together with the White Studio. My full energy and inner freedom is reflected on my works.


Masho Zaldastanishvili

Only creative freedom empowers me to experiment, that results in such vast diversity of objects created.


Vera Nodia

Molding and working with clay is a mystic process for me. You engage with the material during the work in some sort of a dialogue. The finished object continues life of its own.


Natia Tchighitashvili

Creative process is complicated and interesting at the same time. Each new piece of work is a new experience.


Tiko Qsovreli

I love White Studio, here i express my emotions through art.


Ana Japaridze

Ceramics is my world, to which I lose myself and then find again.


Nino Kopaladze

Ceramics fills me with energy and gives me endless opportunities to experiment.


Malkhaz Shvelidze

God took clay and made human , i take clay and make human happy.

graphic designer

Sopho Khelashvili

White Studio’s ceramic oven warms me up differently.

clay molder

Robert Tighinashvili

Clay is endless by itself…an inseparable part of my life


Victor Gladky

Relationship you have with clay is very similar to marital relationships.

clay molder

Nukri Merebashvili

clay molder

Temo Darsalia

Clay to me is both - love and hobby. What fascinates me is that a handful of land turns into a piece of art.

Firing specialist

Givi Shpetishvili

The secret of firing clay is in awakening the object, bringing it to life.

Studio Assistent

Irakli Gordeziani

I found myself in Ceramics


Ia Burkiashvili

Working at White Studio made me realize that beauty is addictive.


Datuna Apakidze

IT Manager

Giorgi Bekauri

financial manager

Eteri Dvalishvili