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Birth of the Virus


Author – Nato Eristavi.

Nato Eristavi 

1989-1994 Graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Georgia / Diploma: MFA
2014-2017 Curator of the 3 International Ceramic Festivals in Georgia.

7 Solo Exhibitions in USA, Azerbaijan, Georgia.
14 International Symposiums, Conferences and Exhibitions in Denmark,France, Japan, USA, Korea, China, Croatia, Tunis, Thailand, Turkey, ETC.

Co-Founder of Georgian Ceramic Art and CraftFoundation”The Clay Office”.
Founder of the First Georgian Ceramic Centre and Gallery “Workshop”.
Founder of Georgian Porcelain Studio ” White Studio”.

Contemporary Design Art Fair Exhibition, MOMA Gallery.
Curator in Georgian Art and Culture Project “Contemporary Design & Craft”
Park Sculpture Exhibition, Wine Factory N1 Garden Space, Tbilisi.
Print Festival Exhibition “LIFENSTYLE” MOMA Gallery, Tbilisi.
“A Step Ahead” Solo Exhibition, Georgian Museum of Fine Arts. Tbilisi.


Invited Artist, International Ceramic Symposium “Clay Meal II” Latvia.
International Ceramic Symposium, Exhibition “Raku”, Thailand.


Solo Exhibition “Every Entrance”, Wine Factory Art Space, Tbilisi.
“Artisterium 2017” International Art Festival, Installation, Tbilisi History Museum International Symposium “SIDI CASEM”, Tunis.
Curator, International Ceramic Festival “Aktusheti”, Tusheti, Georgia.


International Outdoor Sculpture Symposium, Exhibition “Terracotta”, Turkey.
International Symposium, Exhibition “Arte in Situ”, Croatia.
“Clay Will Piece” Group Exhibition, Georgian National Museum.


International Symposium, Exhibition “Forbidden City Museum”, China.
International Symposium, Exhibition “Cairo Opera House”, Egypt.
Curator, Marco Polo International Ceramic Festival “Fire Night” Gudauri, Georgia.

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Dimensions 35 × 32 cm


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